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Vibesware GR-Junior II – DIVE BOMB with Guitar Resonator (Sustainer)

November 6, 2013

Easy home recording with the new GR-Junior

+++ Please check out with full range loudspeaker ! +++

Equipment: The Strat output has been splitted into a small guitar amp and a USB soundcard for PC recording of the dry guitar signal.
The guitar amp has only been used for monitoring at a very low sound volume. Normally unable to create feedback (which is perhaps typically for home recording options).

Video: with iPhone 3, original sound track from the iphone microphone has been replaced later by a virtual re-amped track (using the dry guitar signal into AmplitTube VST plugin in Audacity).

Its a quick and easy demo without any mastering (no noise reduction, no compressor etc. have been used).

The target was to create a realistic raw sound of a turned up guitar amp with its dynamics, frequency response AND feedback. That is the reason why we more focused on low distortion sounds.